Account Alerts

Account Alerts

Real-time account alerts from First Seacoast Bank, allow you to opt-in to receive account notifications directly to your mobile device within our mobile app or by text, through email, or a message in online banking. With a wide variety of alerts for both personal and business customers, you can keep track of your accounts with ease and added layer of security. Alerts include:

Security Balance Transaction Debit Card
Online Banking Password Change Account Balance Below Threshold Transaction Posted Card Transaction Over Threshold
Physical/Email Address Change Account Overdrawn  Transfer Updates Card Limit Change (ATM)
Online Banking Login ID Locked Out Scheduled Balance Update Withdrawal Over Threshold Card Limit Change (Point of Sale)


Get started today and customize your selection of alerts to receive notifications that are most important to you or activate the Do Not Disturb feature to easily mute alerts while you sleep or work by selecting a period of time. To enroll follow these easy steps:

  1. Login to online banking or the FSB mobile app
  2. Select 'Alerts' 
  3. Customize your alert options 

Questions? Contact us at (603) 742-4680 or