Is COVID-19 Adversely Impacting Your Business?

First Seacoast Bank is proud to support the local people and businesses that make the Seacoast strong. We remain committed to working with you to find solutions that help provide relief and will continue to share guidance from the SBA as it becomes available.

Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loan Forgiveness:

A successful PPP loan forgiveness application requires diligent recordkeeping and documentation. Completeness and accuracy of your application and documentation is critical as we cannot accept nor process incomplete applications. PPP loan forgiveness applications will be accepted beginning August 10th. 

Getting Started 

  1. Download the application appropriate for you:
  2. Begin compiling required support documentation and consult with a financial advisor, legal counsel, CPA or payroll provider for assistance 
  3. Sign the PPP forgiveness loan application and submit with completed documentation to 

Additional Resources

Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loan: 

As of August 8 we are no longer accepting new PPP loan applications. For information on the PPP loan forgiveness process, please see above. For inquiries on an existing PPP loan, please contact us at   

Additional Resources

Is COVID-19 Adversely Impacting You or Your Home?

Mortgages & Consumer Loans 

If you need assistance with Mortgage or Consumer Loans, please contact Jean Tremblay at 603-842-6435. 

Checking & Savings Accounts 

Savings Account Terms Notice: Permanent Change 

Due to recent regulatory changes, we have lifted the transaction limitation for your savings account. Previously, Regulation D limited more than six (6) withdrawals or transfers from a savings account to another account. Effective immediately, savings account withdrawals or transfers will now be unlimited and no fees or penalties will be incurred for exceeding those limits.